The Ultimate Tokyo Sky Tree Tour

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Haven’t been to the Tokyo Sky Tree yet?  No problem!

Here’s some pics from our last visit.

First, get to Oshiage SKYTREE station

Home of one of Tokyo’s newest icons, TOKYO SKYTREE.

At 634 meters tall, it’s the world’s tallest tower and currently the world’s second tallest structure…

but you can Wikipedia that info.

After exiting, you walk up into SOLAMACHI where “SOLA” means “Sky” and  ” MACHI” means “town”…thus meaning SKYTOWN.

Just in case you missed the building sign, here it is again.

I would have spelled it  SORA instead of SOLA but who am I to say?…

The first in a series of upward movement.

Enter the mall and up you go…

Eventually to the top of this!

The main entrance lobby is decorated with artistic renderings of the Skytree.

The line can be long, up to 2 hours, but it was 30  minutes when we went.

It’s pretty decent paced and there are cool videos to keep you occupied.

What it really feels like is some space port in Tokyo.

I really wanted to buy the DVD of this video…

It’s a very detailed CG video of Tokyo and all the attractions.

Oh yeah.

The lobby is like a futuristic space port. After waiting in line, guests purchase tickets at this fashionable ticket counter.

Prices are 2000 yen to the main deck and another 1000 yen (which you pay later) to go to the very top.

Once paid, people move towards the main elevators.

The interior is modern and very clean!

This is the floor guide for the Tokyo Skytree.

Each elevator has a different decoration theme.

The elevator is ridiculously fast and takes you 350 m in 50 seconds!! It’s fast and SMOOTH.

The only hint that you are now in the clouds…

This is the elevator exit.

Although the exit to the elevators are a bit crowded, the main deck is large enough for everyone to disperse.

We start on Floor 350.

Here, you can view the city from a unique perspective.

There are digital maps all over the floors showing where various landmarks and cities are.

The main floor also has a professional photographer taking souvenir pics.

Everything is so small and you are so high that it’s all a bit surreal…

Wanting more? Pay the extra 1000 yen and shoot to the top floor!

After arriving at the upper decks, you take this spiral walkway even higher!

Some people can’t handle the heights and hang out on the inner railings…

In this case, it was our good friend…

It’s unbelievable that so many people can be walking around at the top of this huge tower.

It’s like a rocket.

Surprisingly, you get used to this angle after awhile…

or maybe not.

This is a mysterious area on the 450th floor right across from the highest point.

You can see Tokyo Tower faintly  in the distance ahead.

It’s SO small…

Even the moon looks different from up here.

You could spend hours just staring at all the details.


Some cityscapes…

More city…

An awesome sight even from below.

It’s like being in a space station.

From this height, you’d wonder if Tokyo had any trees anywhere. (Which they actually have plenty of…)

And finally…the TOP!!

A heads up screen display shows the highest point.


The tower was constructed top be 634 meters.

634 in Japanese means MU = 6, SA= 3, SHI= 4.

MUSASHI was the old town where the Skytree now stands.

It’s also a restaurant in the sky!

I want to eat Japanese cuisine in the sky!!

After some more gazing, it’s time to head back down.

The return path takes you through the other floors and eventually into a nice shipping arcade.

Here, you can get all your favorite souvenirs.

Constant floor guides are on screen.

Floor Guide…

On the way down is another exciting attraction, the GLASS BOTTOM.

And no, that is not a man going to the restroom…

The glass bottom is very crowded with all sorts of screaming people and kids jumping up and down.

We had to time this just right to get a clear shot.

It is a dizzying view.

Sort of like metallic ribs…

Wow, that is high…

The pics do not do it justice.

But it’s fun to stare at.

Human engineering is amazing.

Once done, it’s back to the return elevators for the ride down.

The escalators in Solamachi welcome you back as you go towards the shopping center next door.

This is the Skytree gift shop.

The escalators again…

and again…

Here is the adjacent shipping center.

Here, you can find some really cool gift shops and some of the best dining in town!

No tourist spot would be complete without Hello Kitty Skytree edition…

A cool figure store…

A cute ice cream store mascot…

The girls love it.

If ice cream is not your thing, how about some Skytree brand dried squid?

All in all Tokyo Skytree is worth the money.

The closest thing to feeling like a space port…

We highly recommend you make the journey to it the next time you go to Japan.

You won’t be disappointed.

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