Fukushima workers forced to hide radiation with Lead Cases

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This isn’t the freshest news, but it’s still very troubling.

Asahi Shimbun newspaper has undercovered that the subcontracted workers were forced to wear these lead cases ON TOP of their radiation sensors to cheat and lower the radiation level readings.

The lead case covers up the sensor which faces outwards from the front pocket of the worker’s suit. You don’t need to read Japanese to figure out the diagram.


Is this what happens in a civilized country?

I think not.

But the sad fact is that things like this are going on in Japan WITHOUT any proper news coverage.

People are dying from this.

Our prayers go out to the workers and their families and hope that they don’t have any adverse effects from radiation.

For the people who lied and cheated, …well, karma is a bitch.



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4 Responses to Fukushima workers forced to hide radiation with Lead Cases

  1. Chris Gray says:

    I agree Toshi, it’s rediculous, and like talking to a brick wall at time here in Japan. The wife and me are seriously thinking of getting out and leaving…

  2. admin says:

    Hi Chris! Yeah, things like this are crazy huh!? I know you’ve probably experienced the reality side of Japanese living so I understand exactly what you are saying. The trick is taking the best of both worlds. I am in LA right now going back and forth, but I must say after living at that pace of life for so long, everything else seems like it’s at a standstill…I don’t remember LA being this boring. wwwww

  3. Chris Gray says:

    Thats true Toshi, it’s a real love or hate! Things are good and bad, but then we move and go back home or elsewhere, we miss it! Strange hold on us! I guess the most important thing is just to monitor this situation since Mar.11 Earthquake! Hope you are doing well in L.A. The job situations are slow worldwide, so I’m always on the look out for more of a break, but it will come with time! If you’re back in Tokyo for any interesting events or projects, I’d be keen to meet up for a chat or a beer sometime!

  4. admin says:

    I know that the economy in Japan is bad but it’s not any better in the US or Europe. I have been flying back every other month trying to get different kinds of business off the ground but it takes time. If you are around during Auto Salon time maybe that might be the best. I go back in Sept and Nov but I won’t be in Tokyo the whole time cuz I have to visit clients in Singapore and Thailand. But I agree with you about things turning around. We just have to survive until then. Best wishes to you and your family and let’s beat this crappy recession…and blast a car! wwwww

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