Fake TV?

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We’re supposed to believe the news… or we’d like to at least.www

Many conspiracy theorists talk of mind control and shady governments that manipulate the media to brainwash their people…

Sounds like something for a third world country right? Maybe not…

I used to think so until the message boards lit up with these observations.

This is the current prime minister of Japan, NODA pictured above.

I don’t know his first name and neither does the rest of Japan because they keep changing prime ministers.

It’s a talk show where he takes live questions from people walking down the street.

His views on policy, issues, etc…

Here, he’s asked about a party member Ozawa (who’s been causing trouble lately…) but that’s not the real point.

The real point is that the RANDOM guy (with the glasses) on the street is sitting in the studio with NODA!!



Next, here is a common looking lady interviewed by the SAME TV show MIYANEYA for two different celebrity court cases.

(The first one is for Sakai Noriko’s drug case and the next is for Oshio Manabu’s drug and death case.)

The bottom line?

She’s a paid person sitting outside posing as a fan or passerby…

Is this even legal? wwww

On the topic of “paid/ rigged/fake” random interviewees…

Here is a repeat offender that seems to know exactly where the TV crew is.

I do believe in coincidence and I do believe that there is a chance that these people really DO like the people in question.

But the Japanese public is raising their eyebrows because they are always being interviewed by the SAME TV SHOW.

Don’t they know about the legions of Otaku in Japan with Digital HDD recorders waiting for this to happen??

And the best one.

6:03 PM. This young girl is being interviewed by this TV channel for advice on how to wear sweaters in the cold.

Here answer talks about how her legs get cold.

But 4:55PM…just a bit earlier … here she is in the SAME CLOTHES…

She’s being interviewed for the cold storm that came in crippling the mass transportation system.

She said she was afraid she might not make it to her job interview…

Well, she didn’t really get real far at all because she was talking about her cold legs 2 hours later in the same place.


Hard not to jump to conclusions…

But we are losing faith fast…


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