“Ita” art for cars, bikes, and…jets!?

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First,  there were cars with manga stickers.

They were called Ita-sha.

“Ita”being short for “itai” …or “painful”.

“Sha” was another way of reading the Japanese character for “car” or “kuruma”(車).


Many were personal cars.

Some were tuned R34 GT-R police cars…

Then the trend spread to race cars.

It was apparent that anime companies had money.

Then, HONDA got in the action and officially released a bike version.

Great craftsmanship…unique content.

Cars, bikes and bicycles are all fair game for the ITA movement but this one may be hard to beat.

Ita- Jets!? wwwwww

Coming to protect…or bomb you very soon. (^^;)


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