Girls getting into GUNPURA (Gundam plastic model building)

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It’s now official.

The ever strengthening females in Japan have finally begun making their own Gundam plastic models.

Gunpura, as they’re called, was one of the last safe havens for all the nerdy Otaku’s in Japan but even that sanctuary is fair game for these female modelers.

Many are using their experience in Nail Art to create elaborate designs and patterns that the boring Otaku’s could never think of.

Voice actresses and other industry related females started the push but recently, average housewives have begun taking classes to make these high grade Gunpura models and scenery.

Their models differ a but from their male counterparts, but the intensity is the same.

This one has extended nails for that glamourous look but the polka dot panties look a bit thick on this one.

I hope that no one actually shows up in these granny polka dot panties.

This one is much more simple and actually works quite nice.

Very Royal, Regal indeed.

Pink seems to be the color of choice.

I would love to see real life pink mobile suits…

hmmm…maybe not.

And no Gunpura would be complete without a pink Gundam.

Gunpura…it’s not just a guys thing anymore and by the looks of things, we might be seeing much more variety in the near future.

More power to you all.

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