The 86 is here

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Toyota officially unveiled their new sports car, the 86 on Nov 27 at Fuji International Spdwy.

It will be on display to the public on Dec 3 at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The 86 name was (controversially?) taken from the legendary AE86 Toyota Corolla/ Levin series.

This car will be globally marketed, meaning it will have it’s own race series, and a whole network for global parts sales.

Every country gets the same car.

It’s meant to revive the stagnant car market both on the road, and for businesses as well.

Doesn’t the side vaguely resemble an S15 mixed with an RX8?

In case you didn’t know, this car was developed in conjunction with Subaru. Subaru will have a version of their own coming out soon.

It’ll be interesting to see all the potential variations that will be born from now on.

I like the lines of the rear, but think the tail lights look a bit cheap. I know they could have done better here.

The front has been toned down compared to the concept car, but still retains a good, aggressive front mask.

Aero kit manufacturers will be having a field day with this model.

The headlights could have been better I think…

This is a very nice angle.

The headlights don’t look that bad from here…

The reverse lights and rear fog assembly…

Decent space for a sports car.

Looks good here!

The interior is simple and gets the job done.

Nothing industry breaking, but not unbearable either.

I’ll need some time to get used to this.

It’s a bit boring so I have to imagine it with more parts.

Quality and finish are top class.

Typical cockpit shot…

I can look past the dashboard, but I can’t forgive the steering wheel.

Once you fall in, you never get out.

Meters are simple and straightforward.

Carbon like accents give a sporty look.

These race car looking switch layouts are popular in design these days.

I like black the best.

Like an S15, Supra, RX-8, and Jaguar XK…

Silver will be a popular color I’m sure…

I am definitely liking this color.

Blue is stylish too…

The red looks very aggressive.

And for people who never got a chance to own this pumpkin color with the Nissan Z…






I wish they just released the car like this…



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