The Shiba Inu

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The Shiba Inu (dog) is often considered the national dog of Japan.

My family used to breed these dogs. They are originally hunting dogs so they like their own space, will bolt out the door if given the chance, and will hunt any critters in the backyard for free.

Their furry and curly tails compliment their short fur, and their face looks like a fox.

We managed to round up some pics for the Shiba for your enjoyment.

They are great dogs.

Shiba’s are known for their clean looking face.

Short hair, very fluffy.

This guy seems to be a mix of Corgy and Shiba. Note the short legs…

Hey man, you gonna eat too?

I don’t like that!


Almost husky looking!

Here’s a sharp looking one.

They’re getting incredibly smarter year after year…

The gang…

Don’t mess with me today punk…


No, I am not stuffed.


He’s not dead. He likes things placed on him during naps…

Sharp look.

Alright, alright! … now PULL!!

I don’t think green is my color.

I’m not going out like this.

The beginning of the couch potato.

Young and innocent.

Air Shiba.

They look like old lions as puppies.

Grand and mighty!

Old and faithful!

Crotch cooling.

Celebrity shot !

Every day is a good dream.

Loving the sun.

Yeah buddy, right there!

Heeeey, don’t touch me…


I’m pooped!

Me too…

It’s a bit cold out here…you gonna let me in?

Not now, can’t you see I’m napping?

I have something I want to tell you…

Want a snack?



Guarding the Doraemon.

Favorite place.


Yeah, man, there’s a party going on here!

Yeah, so he says…

Chillin’ in the park.

Got fish?


Hey guys look!

No hands!!!

And the most famous one of all, Otosan, the white dog from Softbank.

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