Random Funny Pics: Have a nice day!

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Yes, that slipper looking hole is the Japanese style toilet for going number 2.

Yes, there is no door for some reason.

Yes, someone is in trouble.

When bird and ape collide…

100% match.

When it snows in Japan

It’s apparent that this convenience store clerk does not like this daytime chef and his commercialized cheese pastry!

At least we know the price.wwwww

Plastic surgery anyone?

You can go from the top guy and end up like the bottom!


This is a very, very dangerous intersection…

Number 51.

Ichiro Suzuki.

Spectacular Japanese baseball coverage.

Yes, I am the man from the 10,000 yen bill.

What did you say? I can’t hear you…

What, my ear?

Oh yeah, it’s on TOP of my head.


The old prime minister of Japan

Abercrombie and Fitch makes me feel like a man.

Fast shoyu refill anyone?

Fish anyone?


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