7 ft tall Papercraft Gundam Mk II

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Can you believe this?

This Gundam Mk II is actually made from paper!


Made by artist Visual Spicer.com,  it’s truly a remarkable piece of art.

Yes. All paper.

1250 parts but only 10 pounds. www

The eyes look like something out of a children’s book.

I like how they worked with the rounded head portion.

The basic structure is kept simple to reduce weight.

This booster pack looks anything but paper.

Main torso

This gives you an idea of how the feet are constructed.

The finish and attention to detail is excellent.

At 7 ft, it’s pretty big. Better move some furniture!

Ahh yes… satisfaction after a job well done?

Jump into the cockpit!

And of course, it will get you mass girls…

I think…

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