Japanese country kids…

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Like in any country, there are city folks…and…well, non-city folks…

Some worse than others.wwww

Some mimic their parents like these cute kids.

The short shaved sides, plucked eyebrows and baggy clothes are all characteristic of their country bumpkin parents.

you can bet their parents don’t work for SONY…


This young man has shown his more aggressive side in this rather cute Purikura (photo booth picture).

The text reads, ” The only ones who can protect you is your family and ME”

Yeah right.

Make that statement somewhere other than a Purikura booth made for young girls and children.ww

And the dream team.

One day, you…or myself actually…will probably get beat down by these kids once they are older.

For now however, they front hard and the text on their cute group photo reads, “We came by bicycle…”

Haha, cute.

Good luck guys.


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