The New ASIMO robot from HONDA

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The future is coming…and alot faster than you think.

Introducing the latest full model change version ASIMO robot from HONDA.

ASIMO stands for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility for those of you who live under a rock…



You don’t need any translation to figure out that the new ASIMO can:

Jump (very well)

Speak and talk in sign language

Avoid people in a crowd

Run up to 9 km/h due to it’s weight reduction from 54kg to 48 kg

Kick a soccer ball

Serve drinks, open containers and perform complex hand movements

Walk on uneven srufaces

Understand commands from 3 different people…AT ONCE


In the future, ASIMO variants will be able to provide hospitality services at hotels, restaurants and businesses. Their tehcnology will also be put to use at the Fukushima Nuclear plant to handle tasks that humans cannot do.

The day where robots will be working with people is coming.

Are you ready?




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