All in one day: a visual recap of Typhoon 15 (ROKE)

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One of the strongest typhoons to hit Japan head-on caused havoc all over the country.

Typhoon 15 or ROKE was no joke.

No need to read Japanese to figure this one out.

This picture gives you a good idea of what happened.

The course of the typhoon took it right over the entire country flooding cities, shutting down all mass transportation and battering an already tired country.

Rainfall and winds were intense.

The storm shut down all trains and at Shibuya station, people were reliving the day the earthquake hit.

Here people line up to try and catch buses home. However, it was storming and people didn’t even know which line to line up in.

This is exactly what happened on March 11, 2011.

Omotesando was flooded.

Trees were falling everywhere…

Public transportation was crippled and taxis were all full.

These were not happy people.

Umbrella DEATH.

People were getting blown over quite literally.

Although the temperature was warm and humid, the wind gusts still felt like someone was pushing you from behind…

A lucky taxi driver in Shibuya escaped injury when this tree fell over on Dogenzaka shutting down the street. I’m surprised no one got hurt.

Grandma was trying to find a route home…

People were being evacuated all over the country.

Of course, this was top news all day.

Shinagawa station was not somewhere you wanted to be.

Outrageous winds…

You know it’s bad when trucks just blow over…

Some tree in Ginza…

Newscasters were battling the storm all day all night.

The police asked companies to keep their employees at the office until the trains started again because the train stations were over capacity.

One reason it sucks to be Japanese…

Hot, humid, crowded, and trapped.

All the poor people stranded in Tokyo.

No one was going anywhere that day.

Twitter and phone lines were at max capacity.

I was convinced after 3/11 and this typhoon that it is impossible to evacuate Tokyo safely.

If something happens here, you go down here as well.

Prepare yourself.

The mad rush got worse as time went on.

Even all the planes were stranded in the air with no place to land.

But the MVP award had to go to this guy…

Thank you Mr Postman.



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