Gundam back again…in pieces

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The huge Gundam statue is back again in Odaiba.

But this time, it’s in pieces so people can get up closer. Kids can even sit in the hand for the ultimate photo shoot.

The pieces are quite large and it gives a totally different perspective of the mobile suit.

However, for some reason, only half of Gundam is on display…

A head shot would be pretty cool tho.

The quality of the model is superb and people can get real close to check out the details.

Yeah buddy. You do your thing…

Now that’s a big saber.

As much as I like that Gundam came back…it does seem a bit odd.


It looks like a crime scene…

Who murdered Gundam!?

But now that I think of it, with magnitude 6 aftershocks rocking Japan, erecting the huge statue might not be a good idea at all…

Good call.


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