TV show staff causes scandal with radiation joke graphics on live TV

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Haven’t heard much about the increasing radiation in Japan lately.

They’ve found radiation in Tokyo, breast milk, vegetables, fish and beef.

The nuclear facility has posted the highest levels of contamination so far.

One hour in that room and you’re gone.

Meanwhile on TV, this picture above is making news and giving Tokai TV a mean head ache.

It’s a graphic for a news show where they were giving away free rice to viewers as a summer gift campaign.

The red ribbon on top says ” SUMMER CAMPAIGN PRESENT”

The green says “Iwate Prefecture ‘HITOMEBORE’ special rice 10 kg to the following lucky viewers!”

and it’s lists the winners below…

First Name:  Shady Rice,  Mr Cesium (referring to radioactive Cesium -137 material)  wwwww

Second Name: Shady Rice, Mr Cesium

Third Name: Contaminated Rice, Mr Cesium


Now you can imagine how people are on fire but the funny thing is that the official explanation of this is that they accidentally aired a “Testing” graphic.

If that’s a testing graphic, they must be having a lot of fun making fun of the radiation in the studio.

Anyways, heads are rolling at the studio and it’s all over the news.


Hmm, I think it loses some of it’s importance, impact and humor when I translate it like this…but it was pretty funny.

Anyways, that was the news for Aug 4 in Japan…


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