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Behold…the real life room of an Otaku.

I would imagine the average Otaku’s room to be cluttered, a bit unsanitary, and usually someplace you wouldn’t want to hang out in. However, this pic shows a clean and tidy room full of expensive digital equipment, the favorite anime character goods, and their favorite anime character love doll…

I’ve seen this type of room many times…just without the love doll.

And here is an Otaku Christmas dinner.

In Japan, Christmas is not a family holiday meant to celebrate the birth of Christ the saviour…

But rather, it is a commercialized holiday where romance is the theme. Christmas dinner is something that all couples enjoy. Any single person who doesn’t have plans for Christmas night are just plain losers. In the past, people used to reserve hotel rooms and restaurant reservations up to one year in advance because everything is booked. They reserve in advance even if they don’t have a partner at the time. It is a night for dinner, gifts, jewelry, and sex. You’re in or you’re not…Oh yeah, and this all takes place on Christmas Eve…not Day. You work on Christmas Day…it’s not a holiday.

However, things are different in Otaku land. This pic shows an Otaku who is about to enjoy Christmas dinner. His partner? Anime girl. And the restaurant? Well, Anime girl can’t go out… so perfect! Just cuddle up with her via laptop using the “Let’s eat dinner together master” software…

Well, I have to admit,…it is quite innovative though.


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