Tokyo Fashion

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Behold…the current state of progressive Japanese fashion…wwwwwww

The Hairy Wrist Band: Just in case you need to add some volume to your wrist.




Even T Shirts need tails…but not just any tail. Be different.

Rock one just on one side.


This man enjoys fishing on the weekends. That’s when this heavy duty utility vest comes in handy.

At quick glance, it looks like it can hold film cases, Coke cans, sandwiches, and other useless items.



Blue shoes with blue skinny pants…accompanied by a black man skirt…wrapped in a denim shirt.


This is for people with sweaty knee pits…and to appeal to the perverted girl who is in to knee pits.


This is for when you need to send that special message to that special person.

“I am innocent.”


Here’s another message you could send…but it might be taken the wrong way.

Something like…”I’m into bondage”…but manly bondage…


Here is a $2000 leather jacket…missing more than half the jacket…


Soft Darth Vader.



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