Ru-Bee- Ropossa?

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Beer posters have been around for ages especially in Japan.

Many of them have bikini wearing girls at the beach holding a cool refreshing mug of beer.

It’s the kind of picture that makes every salaryman a happier guy.

But before pictures and bikinis, what motivated the men to drink beer?

This is a vintage remake poster for Sapporo Beer.

Please note the 3 geishas who are psychotically looking at the beer as if it’s drugs.

The writing on the bottom says Sapporo Beer…but backwards.


Because Japanese used to write their letters backwards back then.

Read backwards, Sapporo Beer becomes Ru-bi- (beeru) Ropossa (Sapporo)…

But the most troubling part of this particular poster is this woman’s face.

I think she’s way too excited…

The magical juice…

They must have had a rockin’ geisha party afterwards…

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