Pictures of Tsunami Hitting the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

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Arriving 2 months too late, here are pictures released by Tokyo Electric of the tsunami hitting the power plant.

The direct hit was captured by nuclear power plant workers and apparently “found” recently.

This has, of course, nothing to do with the the the govt and TEPCO finally admitting that they knew that the reactors had a meltdown just hours after the accident. They stayed quiet to “prevent a panic.”

Anyways, I thought the tsunami effect was not as bad compared to the other pictures in the media but after seeing this, I can see why all the power went out.

Initial water reaches plant…

Water begins to swallow up the cars…

Water has now engulfed the whole area with great intensity.

That’s a lot of water…

The inside of the buildings (and all electrical hardware) are now under water.

The situation is critical.

The wall has been ripped open but the water level has fallen.

Pre-radioactive dirty looking water…

The car is now wedged up against the building.

The water has receded considerably.

Another area of the plant being hit by the tsunami.

The damage left over…

A terrifying photo of the tsunami approaching the nuclear plant.

No one knows how big it will be at this point.

One thing is for sure though…

that water break isn’t going to hold back anything.

As the waves continue to pound the shoreline, workers realized they had a crisis on their hands.

This is about when I start to run.

But my car would have washed away…

Relentless waves coming in one after another…

Engulfing the whole facility…

then melt down.

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