Quick visit: SUIVAX, Ueno’s 800HP D1 BMW E92, and Daisuke’s 500 HP S14

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This is Suivax, the racing service factory of my long time friend Takahiro Ueno.

I had some time this weekend to drop by so I decided to snap some shots.

Suivax is known worldwide for producing some of the highest quality drift and tuning cars.



One of the famous beauties from here is the 800+HP BMW E92.



The wide body kit is made by T&E VERTICE DESIGN

It’s a menacing stance from any angle.



Beautiful fender lines…



Mean lip on the front wheels…



After hours, the BMW sits quietly in the pit garage with it’s cousins.



Elegant aggression…



T&E wide body kits honor the original lines of the car and simply exaggerate everything just a little bit more.



A high flow fuel system resides in the trunk while the carbon wing handles stability during high speed entries.



The interior is all business…



All systems can be individually controlled.



The man in charge…



800HP comes from a turbocharged 3.1 liter Toyota 2JZ motor.



An HKS T51R turbine powers this monster.



Mad amounts of air passes through here.



Here you can see a bit of the custom intake manifold and HKS  fuel rail. 1000 cc injectors sit underneath.



Nice reservoir tank…



The 500HP S14 D1 Silvia rests along side the BMW.



This S14 is also wide body with massive tires in the rear.



Massive brakes all around provide precise stopping power and drift control.



Love the wheel offset…



Once again, all business interior.



And the man himself, Ueno.

The team is also looking for new sponsors so hit them (or me) up if interested!

I let the pictures do the talking this time but it’s quite an experience to see these cars in action…

even better if you are lucky enough to catch a ride.



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6 Responses to Quick visit: SUIVAX, Ueno’s 800HP D1 BMW E92, and Daisuke’s 500 HP S14

  1. rodney says:

    cool, shop floor is immaculate for a race shop! thats what i love about japan everything is organized and clean. i’m definitely going to check this place out next time im in tokyo. it looks like its so close to my families house in setagaya.

  2. admin says:

    Yeah, if you ever go, tell him you saw it on my blog! He’ll get a kick out of that!
    SUIVAX is small, but there’s a lot of magic inside. You should go with someone Japanese to unlock that magic conversation. = )

  3. 95kouki says:


    Ahhhh, the heydays. The whole car culture changed for the better since then. We miss ya Toshi.

  4. admin says:

    Man, I talk too much…lol. That whole era was magical. It wold be nice to do another special car project…hmmm…

  5. 95kouki says:

    It surly was magical. I believe more people started to open their eyes on different car makes besides Honda’s. There was more respect and demand for other brands. And because of that, we have had more varieties of vehicles in car meets. It really added flavor to the car culture. It was fun to walk around and see the potential and aftermarket support with these cars. A whole new market opened up to cater to these platforms. You got VIP, Euro, or just simply clean. Next thing you know old school cars became a hot item. I predict several years from now, when we move past the 25 year rule the U.S. places on JDM cars. It’s going to be a whole new ball game once again. I went to Canada once and there were R32′ and R33’s everywhere.

    I loved how clean your 240 was. If you do a car project, keep us posted! I’m currently rebuilding and swapping an RB26 into my s14 kouki. Nothing too wild. Just a nice clean cruiser with a GTR swap. :)

  6. admin says:

    Everything comes in cycles so I’m looking forward to a new project soon. The 25 yr rule will be a fun thing for sure and I hope we can get some newer platforms in the meantime. The love of machine and speed will never go away so it’s just a matter of how we want to have fun. Anwyays, thanks for the comments!! = )

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