NOUVE, Fukushima and the Tsunami zone first hand

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Being in Tokyo, life has changed in many ways since the earthquake and nuclear accident.

If I didn’t live here, I’d honestly be very tired of seeing it on TV 24/7.

It would be a simple case of “not my problem”.

However, for myself and many others, the accident is very real and getting worse.

I decided to get involved in my own way.

After helping family donate some supplies, I got together with some influential people to create a new NPO organization called NOUVE.

(More on this later)

In order to further assess the situation, we decided that nothing could be done without seeing the damage first hand.

As you can see on my iPhone, our trip took us well inside the US imposed 80km evacuation zone.

Japanese evacuations are currently held around 20-30 km.

It felt weird as the GPS signal got closer and closer to the Fukushima nuclear plant.


As we got closer, reality set in.

Most of the vehicles on the road were these rescue and military vehicles.

The sirens were spinning and the shear number of them let you know that something big was really wrong.



We ended up by this shore where the tsunami had no obstacles.

The road was covered in sand…

Today, however, the beach looked like any other beach in Japan…minus the radiation levels…


It was scary to think that these waters overpowered the whole coastline.

Once again, the sounds, the smell of ocean water, and the cool breeze really brought everything home.

Something devastating happened here.


New media often show images of pure disaster and massive damage.

A closer look at the rubbish tells the tale of what building got hit by the wave.

This pile could have been from a seaside office.



Although this car looks like it was parked here from the beginning, it actually floated from the other side of the property…



These fences should not have had that much resistance but they were still mangled by the wave.



Yes, that tanker like boat is sitting on land.

It was stopped by the metal fence.

I couldn’t get any closer to it but it was BIG.


Unlike other parts of the coast, the homes in this area suffered massive 1st floor damage but didn’t wash away.

The town still had trash and tsunami debris strewn all over the place.

It also smelled like trash, ocean, and dead animals.

The dead animal smell was probably from the fish that were rotting in various places.

Some were natural fish, the rest were “product” from the seaside businesses that were based around here.


The whole first floor blown out…




Just heaps of debris everywhere…

These are all people’s memories, personal belongings, and hard earned business items.

This is why NOUVE will donate money, food, and produce entertainment events for the people affected by 3/11.


You can see the cement wall “bent” on the right side…I can only imagine the power of the wave…




Over a month since the wave, the town has barely enough resources to push the clean up effort.

It’s our goal to try and help them speed up the process so they can get back to a normal life as soon as possible.

Many are people here in this town are over 60 yrs old so it’s not that easy to clean up.



Things were smelling pretty bad here.



This house had the whole corner ripped off.



One of many random cars that were battered by the tsunami…


Completely wrecked…worse than any roll over accident.



Another warehouse gutted…



All the buildings have massive first floor damage…it’s hard to think this place was all under water.


A posted sign warning of danger and request for demolition.




The cherry blossoms were in full bloom.

It was a bitter sweet scene everywhere we looked.

The beauty of the cherry blossoms and the devastating damage everywhere was unreal.



The tractors and shovel cars were slowly clearing debris.




This was a warehouse that was hit point blank.



Areas with no buildings looked like nothing had ever happened.



But this too, was all under water.



All the shutter doors in the back are bent.

There were lots of cars sitting on jack stands.

I don’t know if people came back to re-claim the wheels and tires.

I do know that the gangs, mafia, and crooks are flooding the area stealing personal items, money, and anything they can find.

Heartless bastards.


It takes a lot of power to punch out this wall in that shape.

The wave must have been traveling fast.


This street had the debris moved aside.


Ready for demolition.


Closer up…


This tiny boat was sitting in the road 1km inland.



This house got hit HARD…



Another car sitting on jack stands…


Sights like this made you shutter.

The utter scale of this…

A huge tanker size boat that was thrown against the other boat, then sank in the harbor…



The place was starting to look like a battle zone or like a set from Universal Studios.


The huge boats were just flung around like toys…





I had to sit here for a few minutes to absorb the environment.

Once again, the sounds, smell, and ocean breeze add a dimension that can’t be conveyed through pictures and TV.

It’s going to take years for these people to get back on their feet again.

Besides losing their homes, they also have no way of making a living and with the nuclear evacuation zones growing, things look very grim.

Many generous people and businesses have donated time and money but the real challenge is going to be once the media coverage dies down.

These people need help in the long run so I hope that I can help a little bit through NOUVE.

This is also a call to all my friends out there who want to join us and try and provide long term assistance to these people.

We’re thinking of teaming up with local villages and towns so that they can control the donations how they want.

Larger organizations have not been distributing items properly and other organizations have just been making a profit off of everything.


Due to the fear of unfair treatment, many organizations have not been able to distribute their supplies if they don’t have enough items for every evacuee.

(If an evacuation center has 120 people, and I have 100 cup ramen, I cannot distribute those cup ramen…it gets sent somewhere else or is held as emergency items…)


Anyways, there is so much stuff going on here that is not being told by media, I hope that all of us can help just a little.

It’s unfortunate that a country as advanced as Japan has been manipulating information to avoid a panic, forced media blackouts, and instituted a form of internet censorship amidst this time. Many Japanese are pissed off and are finally getting up to challenge this communist like flow of action.

I sound like a conspiracy nerd but the truth right now is, GOV= ELECTRICTY= MONEY= MEDIA and anything that gets in the way of this is shut down.

A unique and historical sequence of events are happening in Japan now and most of it is unfortunately bad.

Many are ashamed of the government now.

But who is the victim?

The old people who come on TV and say they just want to go home so they can die there in peace…not in an evacuation center.

It may unfortunately sound cliched by now, but I want to help Japan.

Any friends out there want to join the cause, please hit me up at for more info.

Thanks for listening.


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