Dark Tokyo

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The destruction and shutdown of 2 nuclear plants has drastically cut the amount of available power in Tokyo.

With rolling blackouts occurring across the cities, 20 people have already lost their lives due to accidents.

It’s so bad that you can see the power capacity real time HERE

Went to Shibuya yesterday and it was black.

Since the power frequency in Tokyo is different from other areas of Japan, they can’t just re-route energy from Osaka.

They say re-routing would be just as costly as building another plant.

Experts think it will take another 2 years for things to become normal again and with the super hot summer months coming, rolling blackouts and dark TOKYO nightlife is going to become common place…

just another hit to the economy.

I really doubt that they are going to build another nuclear plant too so they have to find another source this is powerful enough to pwoer Tokyo…

Good luck…

Here are some pics of Tokyo before and after the power shortage.





What about Shinjuku?






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