The subtle hero…

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The world has responded generously and graciously to help all of those hit with despair, sorrow, and pain created by the earthquake and tsunami.

Many have donated huge sums of money

Others have donated products…

Some have donated services for free…

While even others have taken the initiative to go help themselves.


Meet Chen Guangbiao.

He’s a 42-year-old billionaire and chief executive of Jiangsu Huangpu Renewable Resources, a recycling company.

Billionaire business man by day, super hero rescue worker by night…

Well, sort of…

Chen donated over $150,000 to the relief effort and personally admitted to rescuing 3 people by himself.

As you can see from this eye-witness account, Chen is seen, daringly rescuing the poor old lady from potential doom.

Although the lady looks like she is fine, she is in grave danger.

Once again, the lady is not smiling…

Chen, ” Quick!  Someone, give me a hand and help this lady!…Cameraman… you stay there…”

A man of philanthropy, Chen surveys the damage to his neighboring country and feels the pain deep in his heart.

He also notices that there is a ton of useless trash that he could recycle…


But before he can turn the devastated ruins into cash, he must help the people!

He donated up to $20,000 into random mail boxes with a business card attached so that people would know that they had a friend from China.

Of course, the 2 Kei trucks with Chinese flags on the hood spread the message as well…


Backed up by his trusty team, Chen and his fleet of good will mobiles arrived at the shelter where hundreds of displaced citizens were staying.

Chen: “I’m here to save you. Everything will be OK.”

Sleeping Woman: ” I’m cold, hungry and trying to sleep… Why are you touching me so much?”


After connecting with the common folk, it’s back to work.

Knowing that there is a severe fuel, water and food shortage, Chen realizes it’s time for him to act again.

After a quick stop at the convenience store…

Chen and his army give the people…

Potato Chips.


Chen Guangbiao.

Business man, philanthropist, rescue worker, hero and friend of Japan.

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  1. Edo says:

    What an awesome story. Glad to see how all types of people are pitching in to help.

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