ATD-X 「心神」(Shinshin) Prototype Stealth Jet Fighter

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This is Japan’s first prototype stealth jet fighter called the ATD-X (Advanced Technology Demonstrator-X).

In Japanese it’s affectionately known as 「心神」pronounced Shinshin…not Chinchin…

There are many “translations” of the word but you get a better feel for the spirit by reading the kanji characters.

The first SHIN 「心」is for spirit, soul, feelings, heart.

The second SHIN 「神」is for God.

You can make your own references from there.

The Shinshin is a fifth generation stealth fighter looking very similar to the F22 stealth fighter.

Designed to be a test jet, Japan began development on the fighter when the US refused to sell them F22’s due to security reasons.

(and no…it’s not because they thought you’d see a new stealth based imperial army from Japan. lol.)

Anyways, in these times of global unrest, everyone needs a stealth fighter these days so what did Japan do?

They decided to make their own.

With the help of Mitsubishi and Lockhead Martin, they finally built a prototype that is scheduled for its maiden flight in 2014.

Up until now, they have built a few smaller scale models to test stealth capabilities, systems, and design.

Ever since the F22 was released, all fighters have adopted this type of design.

I personally liked the original blocky styling of stealth fighters but hey, what do I know?

It’s not about style…it’s about stealth…


Since I’m more of a car guy than a fighter guy, I won’t go into detail here on the specs.

You can read about that fun stuff here.

I just know that a ride in the ATD-X would be the ultimate thrill ride…

and no one would be able to see you until it’s too late.

Cool stuff.

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