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Meet Android F, an android based on the Geminoid F female robot built by KOKORO.

The first geminoid, HI-1, was created in 2005 by Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro of ATR and the Tokyo-based firm, Kokoro.

Recognized as the first true android by the Guiness Book of World Records, Android F was designed to mimic the movements of the user and act  as a replacement for people in instances where they could not be physically present.

Emphasis has been placed on lowering costs, simplifying parts and making sure that it can run off of common household electricity.

Since the main focus was on facial movement and emotional expression, this one can’t walk yet, but since the technology for all aspects of humanoid movement are in motion all over the world, it won’t be long until you see a common android walking down the street.

This is Geminoid DK, another android based on Associate Professor Henrik Scharfe of Aalborg University in Denmark.

This is the first android modeled on a non-Japanese person and built by KOKORO JAPAN as well.

Here is the first smile…


The breathing scheme…


some more footage…


With artificial intelligence and computing power said to surpass human capabilities by 2045, who knows what to expect in the next few decades?

I can imagine the future already…

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