The Power of Makeup

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One thing you notice when coming to Tokyo is the number of absolutely stunning cute girls. They’re fashionable, slim, and above all, cute. You can fall in love a hundred times in between train stations.

But what lies under this secret?

What secret do these beauties carry?

Is it truly a breed of superior DNA?

or should you still be careful with the beer goggles?

Although these pics aren’t all Japanese, they’re a popular sampling of what to expect the next morning and deserve some light.

Decide for yourself…

The point here is that color contacts are wicked.

I know someone that looks like this…

Sometimes, wig selection is important.

This is purely the realm of preference…

Do they put these pictures up on their own!?


And why do they make the two facial expressions completely opposite?

Well, I can see why the same expression might not be too appealing…


They must not be able to bear the secret.

I seriously know so many girls who make that face. Pucker the lips a bit and give me a wink.

Ahh…but you can’t fool me.

Now this face is uncalled for.

Are you sure these are the same people!?

All I can say is nice wig.

All these girls have like no original eye brows…

they are plucked meticulously so that they can be “emphasized” later.

Are you sure?…

And so , the evolution of makeup…

So does this make the girls fake in any way?


Would you rather have a world without makeup?

Heck no.

So let’s just praise the hard work of beautiful women worldwide and hope that someone invents makeup that never needs to be removed…

= )

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2 Responses to The Power of Makeup

  1. Michael Vitalis says:

    At your last sentence…Right On!


  2. admin says:

    I took some heat for that one…ww

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