You got a mail…

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Japanese iPhones are a bit different from other iPhones in the world.

In many ways, they’re worse…like no tethering.

In other ways, they’re cool…like push notification emails when using the email addresses.

But there’s always been one “function” that makes me scratch my head…

It’s the push notifications for the email.

“You got a mail”…


from who?

You mean,

“You’ve got mail”


“You got mail”


“You got A mail…”

Who wrote that anyways??

I don’t think it’s grammatically correct but even if it is,…it sounds awkward and …well,…incorrect.

It had to be some translating lady working at a company subcontracted by Softbank to “localize” the iPhone for Japanese market use…

I’ve done work like that and I can totally imagine this kind of thing happening…

Why do they let this go on?

and “Dismiss”??

dismiss what?

not Close? or Exit? or Quit?

My iPhone can’t speak Engrish. ; )

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