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Keiko Kitagawa’s got a new hit drama… Lady: The last criminal profile.

It’s about an FBI trained new agent (Keiko) who solves the murder cases by profiling the criminal and figuring out the events of the crime. If the first episode is any indication of things to come, it should be very entertaining.

Keiko’s been a good personal friend for some time now and she was nice enough to use my company’s fashion brands for her wardrobe in this drama!

Thanks Keiko!

You can see AG, Cimarron, MET, and Dr Denim representing in the credits… = )

I’ve always wanted to have a logo up in the credits of a Japanese drama’s since I was a kid (for some reason…) and Keiko made one of my small dreams a reality.

Thanks again Keiko…

You know where to come for hookups. = )

For those of you interested in the brands, you can find it here:

EIKO’s Brand Index

AG (Mens/ Ladies USA)


MET (Ladies ITALY)

DR DENIM (Mens/ Ladies SWEDEN)

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