The Next Generation Vending Machine is Here

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The next generation of vending machines are here…

Developed by JR EAST JAPAN WATER BUSINESS, these high tech machines went into full operation at several trains stations on Nov 2010.

So what makes these machines so advanced?

Well, the machine you see in the picture is currently in ADVERTISING mode. The machine detects the current temperature and weather conditions and places appropriate advertisements on its huge digital screen.

If it’s super hot, it’ll display an add for ice cold water…if freezing cold, how about a cup of hot coffee?

All ads are controlled from a central location and uploaded to the vending machine using the ultra fast WI-MAX connection. Yes, these vending machines are completely connected to the web and are continually evolving their content according to the environment.

But that’s not all…

These machines have…get this…a GENDER sensor which determines if the person standing in front of it is male or female.

Don’t ask me how…but I doubt it’s from looking down your pants…

Once they detect your gender, it will proceed with another sensor to DETECT YOUR MOOD…

Once they have that base data, the digital screen will go into STORE MODE and offer you the most appropriate selection for your drinking pleasure.

Now, I have no idea how they can detect your mood…

maybe from facial recognition?


Twitching, fidgeting, …or just a plain sour face?

What happens when you are angry? Do they give you peaceful green tea? …

or if you look sad, do they give you a fruity drink?

When do I get soda?

Once they determine you are a tired, overworked Japanese worker and decide to buy the recommended energy drink, you can use your digital money which includes SUICA, EDY, FELICA etc… to make your payment without coins and in less than a second…

The next generation vending machine is hereonly in Japan.




Oh… but in case you were wondering what powers these marvels of technology?


I guess they won’t be getting much tech support from Microsoft.




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