Small change for the better

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It’s been a few months now since Tokyo Insider v5 re-launched.

With the new design and concept, I wanted to push the limits of the iPhone camera and shoot everything on the iPhone.

However, as I tried to add more interesting topics, I often realized that I couldn’t finish a post just because I didn’t have that corresponding photo on my iPhone…

With that being said, I am going to re-open the format to anything.

DSLR pics, video links, pics from the web, past pics,…

anything to get the point across.

So, while this probably not going to affect your life in any way whatsoever, it is a relief for me allowing me to have quicker turn around for future blog posts.

Hopefully this will just add to the fun once again and I won’t lose focus any more.

Plus,…the real reason is that the iPhone camera sucks at night… ; )

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