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A quick walk from Meguro Station brings you to this quaint little ramen shop called Kuro Ramen.

Kuro Ramen specializes in “Ie-kei” Ramen…a special type of Tonkotsu pork broth/ Shoyu (soy sauce) based ramen soup with thick noodles. This style was born in the Yokohama area.

As with many ramen places, you can see the customer making his order by buying the desired tickets at a vending machine in the entrance.

Here, you can buy the ramen, your beer, some gyoza dumplings and whatever toppings you want. You then hand the tickets to the staff to get your food. This cuts down on costs, makes sure that all drunk people pay first, and simplifies the whole process.

The inside is the typical ramen house. Some menu items on the walls, beer posters,…and of course,… celebrity autographs.

You can also see the nice selection of extra toppings and seasonings to spice up your ramen.

The main chef is constantly busy churning out the tasty ramen.

No fancy stuff here, just good flavor.

And here it is…

This picture doesn’t do the flavor justice.

Deep, flavorful, thick but not gagging. You can taste the slight sweetness in the pork broth while the soy sauce counters that with a deep shoyu flavor. You can see it’s not all lard like some other Tonkotsu ramen.

And the proof that it’s good?

Look at all the celebrities. I can’t read all the stars but the one right in the middle is that of Kuroki Meisa currently starring alongside Kimura Takuya in Space Battleship Yamato.

If you’re ever in Meguro, perhaps a bit drunk,…and looking for some munchies…

look no further.

Kuro Ramen


1-6-12 Meguro , Meguro-ku  TOKYO

Mon-Fri/ Sun



11:00am- 4:00 am

343 meters from Meguro Station

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