Seikoen Yakiniku Harajuku

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I recently went to a new yakiniku (Japanese style- Korean BBQ) in Harajuku.

It took over Kalbi Club ( a place I used to go for lunch somtimes) and before that, Yakiniku DON ( a BBQ place I used to go to with my grandfather and relatives). I guess this location is going to be a yakiniku spot forever. Considering how expensive it is to re-pipe a building with BBQ exhaust grills, I can understand why.

Seikoen Harajuku is located in prime real estate.

With Harajuku re-inventing itself and catering itself to an even younger and more price savvy crowd, Seikoen is the latest challenger in this fiercely competitive restaurant market.

Opened in Nov 2010, the first thing you notice is the Hawaiian theme…


Because it’s cool.

The main concept is all you can eat.

For around 3250 yen you can chomp down on all kinds of beef, chicken, pork, kimchi, salad, etc…  for 2 hours.

Add like another 1500 yen and you have all you can drink.

This is a bargain.

Unlike other all you can eat establishments, this place spent a lot of money on design so it’s prime for dating.

The interior itself is worth a visit when you’re in the area.

Notice that every table has digital menu screen allowing you to order from your table with a touch screen panel.

Of course, the courteous staff is more than willing to assist you in any way.

They also have a balcony with tables facing Harajuku which is super cool when you want to check out the cool view.

The beach like see through floor is quite relaxing too. I kept looking for fish.

This looks like a pain in the ass to take care of and maintain though…

I wouldn’t be surprised if they changed this to something else next year…

But it’s super clean now and I’m not complaining.

And how was the food?

I got the “special” upgraded all you can eat. It was 3950 yen instead of 3250 yen.

The verdict?


You see, they give you an all you can eat salad bar.

Then, they bring out a “preselected” assortment of meat which includes chicken, pork, and beef.

Basically, they give you a lot of stuff you don’t want. I only wanted super kalbi (nice marbelized beef)

but I had so much other stuff, I got full before I knew it.

Nothing bad, but for me, I would have liked to have chosen my orders.

The restaurant had a customer service review paper so I made sure I wrote that down.

All in all though, the service was excellent, the meat was average, the interior was excellent, and the location was convenient.

I am picky with beef so for the average traveler, I think Seikoen Harajuku is a winner.

Maybe by listening to reviews like mine, the menu service will change for the better.

Then I will go even more.


6-4-1 Jingumae, Shibuya, TOKYO

Hakkakukan BUilding 5F. Corner of Meiji Jingu Intersection.

Above Mitsubishi Tokyo Bank ,Jonathan’s family restaurant., diagnolly Across from Laforet


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