Review: OWLE BUBO+ iPhone 4+ Canon Lens Update

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(OK, just for the record, I am not a camera pro and this is all just for experimental fun so don’t expect super technical reviews)

Anyways,  after a month of waiting for a replacement lens for my OWLE BUBO, I finally received it and eagerly put the DOF adapter and CANON lens together.

The initial result?

Let’s just say I’m gonna need some more play time with this…

This is a quick shot in the car.

You can definitely tell the Depth of Field but it’s waaay blurry and dream-like.

It’s obviously way too dark in the car but that’s where I started.

Without Photopshop , many of the photos turn out like this.

Dreamy, dark and grainy.

I’ve read about this on the VIMEO comments sections but now see it first hand.

They say  that the iPhone camera and video are 2 totally different things so I am still looking forward to video.

Besides the photos, one of the first things I noticed was how hard it was to use.

The Bubo is heavy to begin with and it’s hard to manage the focal ring on the CANON lens while trying to push the  shutter button on the iPhone. I wish it had Auto focus…but of course, if that was the case, I could just use my DSLR and call it a day.

I am also definitely starting to feel the limitations of the iPhone camera itself. (not video) It has a lot of noise at night.

Here’s a typical shot on the current setup in a well lit room…

It always comes out reddish and ,…well like this.

I think this is because I left all the settings on the Almost DSLR app on LOCK.

LOCK focus, exposure and white balance. (I wanted a reference point.)

You can see the pics are all reddish and grainy.

After trying to Photoshop, I got it down to this…a bit too blue, but whatevers…

Definitely more “film-like” and artistic…

I now turn all the Almost DSLR app settings (except for FOCUS) to AUTO instead of LOCK.

Another reason you need this app is because the En Cinema DOF adapter flips the images upside down.

Almost DSLR’s mirror image function flips the image back , BUT, the images are still inverted…

meaning the image is upright but the letters are backwards.

To make matters worse, when pointing the camera, the screen image goes left when you point right…inverted…WTF…

Once again, I have to get used to this.

Do I regret starting this project?

Not for one second.

I didn’t do this for anybody but myself and I can see potential in some of the shots.

Plus, if the iPhone 5 comes out or I get tired of this, I can keep the “camera” equipment for future use and it’s not all a lost cause…

I figure this is the price you pay to play with the iPhone DSLR concept.

I can live with that.

Does it work?


Just like a DSLR?

No way.

Is it fun?


Is it original?


Have you tried video yet?

No, but that’s next.

Stay tuned…

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