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For those of you living outside of Planet Tokyo

Today’s Japanese is “KY”.

It’s not a new term at all but I thought it’d be nice for everyone to know this very handy word.

Literal Translation:

KY stands for “Kooki Yomenai”

1) “kooki” = atmosphere, air

In this usage, it means more “situation”

2) “yomenai”= cannot read

In this usage, it means can’t feel, can’t realize

It’s used when people “can’t feel the beat”, or for annoying people who don’t even know it themselves or aren’t trying on purpose…

It’s for any person who lacks the capacity to keep a certain situation under control and always ruins the mood one way or another.

Everyone has someone who is KY around them… or ask yourself…are  you one of them?

Usage examples:

Bob is seriously KY…what a loser.

Jane is so KY…can’t she tell everyone is like WTF?

Use it.

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