Dr Denim Jeansmakers in Tokyo

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Meet my friends from Dr Denim Jeansmakers, Gothenburg,  Sweden.

Dr Denim is a Swedish based denim brand with hardcore roots.

Run by the Graah family, Morten, Johannes, and Alex are the faces behind every aspect of the brand. With denim roots going back over 30yrs, they really do know every aspect of making a cool denim brand. Just like in the name, you could say they have it down to a science.

Dr Denim lit up the scene with the skinny boom and is now one of the fastest growing denim brands out there.

With a clean, sophisticated style indicative of Swedish fashion, their collections tell 2 different stories.

One story is their hard core denim roots.

Dr Denim has a cult following of denim lovers who “create” their own ultimate pair of jeans by…well…not washing them for like 1 -2 yrs. They slowly wear out the original dye in the denim over time for the perfect design. Their are guys out there chronicling their efforts on blogs and it’s about as hardcore as it gets.

The other story tells the story of a refined next generation denim style.

Cool… Slim…Simple.

Swedish fashion doesn’t have much difference between OFF and ON. It offers a size fit that compliments the wearer and incorporates  formal elements without losing the casual essence. A bit of London style mixed with Swedish style, simplistic themes with minimalist lines. Some Swedish patterns mixed with Paul Smith like tastes.

Dr Denim is not your classic denim brand.

Johannes and Morten came to visit recently and we had a great time talking about anything and everything.

Tons of market research will eventually find their way into their next collections… These guys definitely have their act together.

I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with them several times in Sweden and always enjoy their company.

It’s a shame Alex couldn’t make it this time but someone needed to hold down the fort back home.

If you’re interested in a denim brand that’s unique and has something for everybody, check out Dr Denim.

No rip off prices, good quality.

Put some of their cool denims together with some shirts and jackets and you can’t go wrong.

You can find out more about my friends at:

Dr Denim Jeansmakers

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