Lobsters, Exchange Rates, and Japanese Politics…

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Japan is in trouble.

The economy is hurting and it has a severely declining birthrate.
It has a highly educated population and one of the most advanced infrastructures in the world.

However, the yen is in the 80 yen range against the dollar and expected to dip down into the 70 range.


At first glance, this may sound sweet. It means I get like a 20% discount whenever I buy something overseas.

Technically I do…and it can be good…on an individual level.

It means I can air ship these 2 live Maine lobsters for the same price, if not cheaper, than what I would pay at the supermarket in LA.

That’s good for me, but for an economy that relies on exports, it’s a death sentence.

Just as my 2 lobsters are super cheap to me, the exact opposite is true for my friends overseas.
It means that they get overcharged 20% whenever they travel to Japan or buy anything from Japan.

Everything from Japan is just too expensive.

That means no one buys anything from Japan, exports tank, Japanese companies dramatically lose sales and profits, people lose their jobs and have no money to buy anything…

…like these 2 lobsters.

Now that I live here in Tokyo, I realize how whack Japanese politics are and how close minded some parts of Japanese society are today. Despite having some of the world’s best companies, restaurants, fashion brands, car companies, electronics companies, etc… I can “see” where Japan is losing out and holding themselves back.

I won’t go into detail here because my blog wouldn’t do this topic any justice.

Either way, Japan needs to get out of the Meiji Era and join the vibrant international generation.

More than the people, the politicians need to get their act together. It’s  like a joke watching it on TV.

Bribery, scandals,…things that are common in third world country…not one of the top economies in the world.

So sad…

It needs to wake up, be more international, and more open minded or else Japan’s future is gonna be like this guy…

Wow, all this just from a lobster…

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3 Responses to Lobsters, Exchange Rates, and Japanese Politics…

  1. Graham says:

    Sounds bad dude, hope they pull themselves together soon! We are getting hit in the UK too, but mainly on the job front from Government cuts.

    Loving the new look blog by the way!

  2. toshi says:

    Yeah, it’s pretty bad. So much stuff never makes it to the news, let alone past Japan’s language barrier. I have a lot of friends in Europe and America hurting too…I was just trying to justify buying 2 lobsters = )
    Thanks for coming back!

  3. Graham says:

    Haha, like you need to justify buying 2 lobsters! We all know how much you love it man!

    Hopefully we’ll all dig ourselves out of the slump…I need to get a decent motor :D

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