Kirin FREE non-alcohol beer

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Japan has some of the strictest drunk driving laws. $5000 for the driver AND $3000 for all passengers.

Of course, you can say goodbye to your license.

Given that climate, I decided to try Kirin FREE alcohol free beer to go with my fresh sashimi.

Straight to the point…

Kirin FREE tastes nothing like real beer so don’t expect KIRIN ICHIBAN.

It’s like diet beer with no alcohol…

It has a slightly sweet aftertaste at the end and reminds me of everything “fake”…Sort of like beer flavored candy…
It reminds you of beer,…but that’s about it.

Just a reminder of the party you’re missing.

Keywords would be: nice try, why, try again, can someone get me some water please?

While having the beer like bottle in front of you makes you feel like
you’re not the only loser missing out on the party, it’s definitely more of a visual aid.

I’m sure that these near beers will begin to taste better and better so I guess I’ll have to wait a bit more.

Anyways, cool to try once, but not something I want to stock at home.

I don’t need beer that bad…

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