Naoya Miyazaki

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Naoya Miyazaki President, CEO  Flying-Brain Inc.

Hardcore Mountain Climber

I met Naoya, or “Zecchan”, through Mr Shikano at D&D Inc, our promotion company.

“Zecchan” is short for “Zetsuo”. It’s a nickname meaning “the man of legend”.

You might be wondering why he has this nickname.

Let’s just say the guy is smart…

And always thinking, working, climbing, or doing something.

He’s a skilled programmer, internet marketing specialist, marketing consultant and now president of his own company.

While working at Cyber agent as an elite team member, the creators of Japan’s biggest blogging community AMEBLO, he took Japan’s biggest fashion website  ZOZOTOWN from 1000 members to 100 million.

He was recently voted on GINGER magazine as one of the most handsome and talented young entrepreneurs today.

His new company, Flying-Brain Inc will be his new platform to take over the world.

His energy is endless and when not in front of his computer, you can find him climbing Mt Fuji on the weekends.

But more importantly, he knows how to protect his friends and balance hard work with recreation.

A completely nice guy inside and out, I get the chance to work with him at our company and am really lucky to have him as a friend.

I’m looking forward to his progress in the next few years.

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