Uoshin Nogizaka

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Finding fresh sushi at a reasonable price is hard in Tokyo.

The best sushi is usually at super expensive restaurants, or outside the cities in fresh seafood restaurants.

So if you’re willing to settle for fresh sashimi and a whole lot of fish dishes, I’d definitely recommend

Uoshin Nogizaka, a cool restaurant right next to Roppongi Midtown that offers fresh fish at reasonable

prices in a fun carnival like atmosphere.

It’s one of several Uoshin restaurants and Nogizaka is the name of the area.

Of course, Japan has fresh fish to begin with so when I say fresh, I mean FRESH.

My friends from the US always use this place as a meeting spot for good drinks and food and it’s always packed.

One of my favorites here is Nokke Sushi. “Nokke” means to put on top of,…and sushi, is…well…sushi.

Generous toppings of fresh sweet uni sea urchin, minced chu-toro fatty tuna, ikura salmon roes eggs, and fresh crab smother some seaweed rolls buried underneath.

This is a MUST order.

Another MUST order for me is the kegani crab. It comes freshly peeled and that’s good because the kegani crab is know for its super succulent sweet meat, great tasting kani-miso, and super sharp pointy thorns all over it’s body. Kegani literally means “hairy crab” because it has little hairs all over it’s body but I won’t get into that right now. You can tell the crab is fresh and it comes at a very reasonable price.

This cabbage salad has fine cut cabbage underneath these breaded craker like thingies. The dressing is very good. Taste light and you can eat it forever. Cabbage is super good for you anyways.

Don’t let the scary looking fish throw you off!!

Another sign that everything is fresh and they don’t waste anything are dishes like this “shake “salmon ochazuke.

It’s a traditional rice-inside-soup dish and salmon is the flavor in this one…in case you couldn’t figure it out.

Usually, the salmon is presented as chopped salmon meat…not a huge half head.

This is quite bold even for Japan, but if you can get over the looks, the tastiest parts of the salmon lie around the head and jaws.

You just pick away at it with chopsticks to find tasty morsels of meat…maybe for advanced people but once again, gourmet till the end.

Combine this with some fresh oysters,

LOTS of beer and sake,

and you just had a great night in Tokyo.

and yes… English menu available. =)


9-6 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo


Mon-Sat 5:00pm-12:00am, Sun 2:00pm-9:00pm

Dinner: 4,000-4,999 yen

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