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OK, So I finally got my two +10 37 mm Macro Close Up filter lenses today.

I guess I need this to make the BUBO+ DOF adapter setup work.

I just want to say that I had no clue to what these were until I started this project.

I searched on the internet and found nothing listed in Japan.

However, I did find them on Ebay in the US but since the +10’s are rare or something,

I had to buy a 4 pack set of lenses to get the +10’s…

I ended getting 2 sets of the cheapest set and now have 6 lenses I don’t need…

I guess I’ll use it someday.

All in the name of DIY hobby projects!

Since the set was super cheap, the packaging and everything was,… well… cheap!

I have no complaints tho.

All good.

So here are the two lenses stacked onto the BUBO.

I guess you have these two super close up lenses to balance out the DOF adapter and CANON lens.

I hope the calculation is correct.

Here is the whole setup “stacked” on top of each other.

I should be able to shoot today except that the DOF and CANON won’t screw onto the BUBO wide lens!


Have yet to hear from BUBO after 2 emails.

Vid Atlantic returned my email in one day AND paid for my other lens…

Whatever, small gripe , s%!#&  happens.

I understand.

Email would have been nice…

I’m not gonna lose sleep over it.

I wanna see what this setup can do…

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