Encinema 35mm adapter

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This is my new Encinema 35mm DOF (depth of field) adapter.

What does it do?

Well, I didn’t know until recently either, …

but it basically allows you to attach a SLR/DSLR lens to any ordinary

camera/ video camera so that you can shoot Hollywood like shots!

This is the key piece that will make my iPhone shoot like a pro.

Plus, if I break my iPhone, I can still adapt it for any other standard video camera  so no waste here!

This is the back side…

Looks real simple to me, but there must be some magic inside!

I don’t fully understand the mechanics of this yet because I just got it…

but it says EVERYWHERE not to touch the glass…

so don’t touch the glass!!

You have to use this handy blower to take off any dust etc…

Don’t touch the glass!!

This is the Encinema 35mm DOF adapter combined with my new Canon ES 50mm f 1.8 II lens…

Now, … it’s time to attach it to the OWLE BUBO.

I just need to wait for 2 more adapters.

They are +10 37 mm Macro Close up Lenses x 2


I don’t know but I’m getting them anyways because I want to shoot like those promo videos I see everywhere.

Let’s see if this works…

Hahaa, this is fun.

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