Fake Gundam at Jed’s Island

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We’ve already told you about the various fake Gundam statues that seem to pop up at B-rated amusement parks across the world.


Here’s another prime example from Jed’s Island in the Philippines.

You can tell the craftsmanship really excites this girl.


Of course, this exact replica made news back in Tokyo.

I’m sure that the art department of Jed’s Island was proud that they made international headlines.



Here’s a comparison with the Gundam in Tokyo.


However, due to countless sites reporting on this resemblance, it turns out that Jed’s didn’t mean to build the statue in Gundam’s resemblance…

Now that you mention it, it does look a little different…


Well, the art department took things into their own hands and made some changes.


New Sky Blue paint!


Ahh yes, now that does not look like Gundam at all.

A quick check of their site reveals that they still have other robot knockoffs and a bunch of Mickey Mouse characters everywhere…I sure hope they paint Mickey blue right now before Uncle Disney finds out…

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